National Small Industry Day 2021: 30 August

The National Small Industry Day is celebrated on 30 August. This day is specially dedicated to motivate and promote small industrial businesses. 

National Small Industry Day 2021: 30 August

National Small Industry Day 2021:  National Day of Small Scale Industries is celebrated on 30 August every year. This day is celebrated with the aim of promoting small scale industries and providing employment opportunities to the unemployed.

Small scale industries are those industries, which are done on a small scale and are usually run as the main occupation with the help of labourers and labourers. Those industries in which 10 to 50 people work in return for wages, come under small scale industries.

This investment limit varies from time to time by the government. In small scale industries, goods are imported from outside and technical skills can also be obtained from outside.

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has implemented six loan schemes for the small scale industry sector. They also help in per capita income and resource utilization in the nation. The six loan schemes offered are given below:- 

  1. MSME Business Loan in 59 Minutes
  2. Mudra loan
  3. Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme for Micro and Small Enterprises
  4. National Small Industries Corporation Subsidy
  5. Credit Link Capital Subsidy Strategy for Technology Upgradation
  6. An Alternative – Quick Business Loan From Borrower 

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