Biography of Shivangi Singh: Know who is Flight Lieutenant Shivangi Singh

 Biography of Shivangi Singh: Know who is Flight Lieutenant Shivangi Singh, who was involved in the tableau of the Indian Air Force...

Biography of Shivangi Singh: Know who is Flight Lieutenant Shivangi Singh

Born:             15 March 1995 (Paru, Muzaffarpur, Bihar)
Nationality:   Indian
Education:     St. Joseph's Convent School, Varanasi
                      Sunbeam School, Varanasi
                      Sikkim Manipal Vidyapeeth, Gangtok, India (B.Tech.)
Occupation:  Indian Aeronautical
Tenure:         2019 to present

Life introduction:

Shivangi Singh was born on 15 March 1995 in Muzaffarpur district of Bihar, India. His father Hari Bhushan Singh was a school teacher and his mother Priyanka Singh was a housewife. Shivangi comes from a humble farming background. He holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Mechanical Engineering from Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology.

Occupation of Shivangi Singh:

Shivangi Singh was commissioned in the Indian Air Force in the year 2017 as part of the second batch of women fighter pilots. June 2018 Conducted two six-month courses; First Naval Orientation Course at Indian Naval Academy, and second at Air Force Academy where he trained on Pilatus PC 7 MkII aircraft.

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Shivangi Singh has been flying a MiG-21 Bison-like aircraft since joining the Indian Air Force in 2017. She has also lived in Ambala with one of India's best fighter pilots, Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman.


On January 26, 2022, on the occasion of Republic Day, Shivangi Singh of Varanasi participated in the tableau of the Indian Air Force, which came out in the parade at Rajpath, Delhi. She is the second woman fighter pilot to be a part of the Indian Air Force tableau.

Main point:

  • Shivangi became the first woman pilot of the Indian Navy on 2 December 2019.
  • Selected to become operational pilot in Maritime Reconnaissance (MR) aircraft after completing training by December 2019. 

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