International Day of Older Persons 2021: Theme, history And Date

 October 1st is International Day of Older Persons, which provides us with the opportunity to highlight the value of older people in our communities and to promote dignity and respect for these older people. 

International Day of Older Persons 2021:  Theme, history And Date

International Day of Older Persons 2021: International Day for the Elderly is celebrated on October 1 every year. The day is celebrated to spread awareness about the importance of senior citizens in our society and to appreciate their contributions. The theme of the 2021 commemoration is “Digital Equity for All Ages.”

On the 14 December 1990, the UN General Assembly made the 1st of October International Day of Older Persons. This day was set aside to celebrate older people around the world and focus attention on the particular needs and challenges faced by many of them. It also celebrates the essential contribution older people make.

The holiday is celebrated by raising awareness about issues affecting the elderly, such as senescence and elder abuse. It is also a day to appreciate the contributions that older people make to society. The observance is a focus of ageing organizations and the United Nations Programme on Ageing.

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