Whatsapp Privacy Policy Update, Whatsapp Data Sharing Policy in India

Whatsapp Privacy Policy Update, Whatsapp Data Sharing Policy in India

Recently, WhatsApp has updated its privacy policy, in this update, according to the government, users have until 8 February to accept some new terms and conditions. This new policy states how user data is affected when interacting with a business on the platform and provides more details on Facebook, WhatsApp's integration with its parent company.

Whatsapp Privacy Policy Update, Whatapp Data Sharing Policy in India
Whatsapp Privacy Policy Update, Whatapp Data Sharing Policy in India

In this WhatsApp Privacy Policy update, your new privacy policy update will be followed by all your talk and data with the government, which suggests further data sharing with its parent company Facebook. Users will have to accept the terms and service of this new policy by February 8, 2021, or else their WhatsApp account will be closed. After this change in this WhatsApp privacy policy, people will migrate on signals and telegrams.

Will WhatsApp share your data on any other platform?

No, you will not share any of your data on any platform. If needed, the government can see your data on WhatsApp. This WhatsApp privacy policy does not change the behavior of WhatsApp's personal chats. This WhatsApp privacy policy remains encrypted end-to-end - no third person can read your data, meaning you cannot share another person's data with a third person.

If you want to share your data on any platform of Facebook, then it will follow your instructions.

According to WhatsApp, all the data from this privacy policy will be kept confidential.

Will WhatsApp share data with Facebook after this WhatsApp privacy policy update?

Data exchange with Facebook is actually already taking place after this WhatsApp privacy policy update. While users in the EU can opt-out of data-sharing with Facebook, the rest of the world has no other option.

After this privacy policy update, WhatsApp shares the following information with Facebook and its other companies:  Account registration information (phone number), transaction data (updates are now WhatsApp payments in India), service-related information, you can share with others How they interact with (including businesses), mobile device information, and IP addresses. It is now gathering more information at a device hardware level.

Why does WhatsApp interact with its data Facebook after this WhatsApp Privacy Policy update?

Following this WhatsApp privacy policy update, the policy gives reasons for data-sharing with Facebook: improving user experience to ensure better security and fighting spam, which were also in the previous policy.

But after this WhatsApp Privacy Policy update, this policy is another sign of deeper integration in the Facebook group companies of WhatsApp. In 2019, CEO Mark Zuckerberg talked about his cross-platform vision on Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp - he called it "interoperability".

Instagram's direct messages and Facebook Messenger have already been integrated. Facebook wants to bring more services to WhatsApp and has added a feature called Room. Its update is also due in a few days.

Will WhatsApp use your data for advertisements after this update?

WhatsApp does not show ads yet, and according to the report, it is believed, with the help of WhatsApp free service, this interest base can improve your Facebook ads, it may even start coming up in a few days, for now. There will be no ads on WhatsApp.

Whatsapp stores the message?

No, WhatsApp says. According to this privacy policy, once a message is delivered, it is "removed" from the modified server. WhatsApp shelves a message only if it "cannot be immediately nailed" - the message may remain on its server in an explicit form "for up to 30 days" as WhatsApp continues to attempt to share it. If not performed even after 30 days, the message is deleted.

What does this WhatsApp Privacy Policy say as Business?

This WhatsApp Privacy Policy and Data Sharing Policy describes how businesses get data when users interact with them on the platform: content shared with a business will be visible to "many people in that business" on WhatsApp. This is important because WhatsApp now has more than 50 million business accounts. For WhatsApp, this is a potential monetization model.

Should you accept the privacy policy?

Yes, if you accept after this WhatsApp Privacy Policy and Data Sharing Policy update, only on that condition you can use the services of WhatsApp. Otherwise, you can also go to non-profitable apps like Telegram or Platform like Signal. 

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