Republic Day 2021 Speech Ideas: Inspiring quotes by leaders

 Republic Day Speech 2021 Speech: Republic Day is celebrated every year in India on January 26. On this date in 1950, the Constitution of India came into force after the country gained independence from British rule for over 200 years. On November 26, 1949, the Constituent Assembly of India adopted the Constitution of India, which came into effect on January 26, 1950.

Republic Day 2021 Speech Ideas: Inspiring quotes by leaders

Honoring the date, educational institutes organize cultural programs, essay-writing, skits, or speeches. Students can commemorate the event by sharing quotes in their speeches. If you are looking for some inspiring speeches and quotes, here are some of our picks you can choose from:

“Even if I died in the service of the nation, I would be proud of it. Every drop of my blood… will contribute to the growth of this nation and to make it strong and dynamic.” – Indira Gandhi

We end today a period of ill fortune and India discovers herself again. The achievement we celebrate today is but a step, an opening of opportunity, to the greater triumphs and achievements that await us. Are we brave enough and wise enough to grasp this opportunity and accept the challenge of the future? – Jawaharlal Nehru

“Let us together commence a journey of peace, harmony, and progress in South Asia.” – Atal Behari Vajpayee

Courage to give, Courage to think different, courage to invent, the courage to discover the impossible, Courage to travel into an unexplored path, courage to share knowledge, the courage to remove pain, courage to reach the unreached, courage to combat problems, and succeed are the qualities of youth.” – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

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