India Handovers UPDF "INDIA" War Game Center

India has handed over the war games center named "INDIA" to the Uganda People's Defense Forces (UPDF). The training facility was handed over to the state UPDF after training by the Indian Association of Uganda (IAU) in association with the Indian Military Advisory and Training Team.

The President of the Republic of Uganda, General Yoweri Kaguta Muweni, inaugurated the War Game Center "INDIA", designed by the Indian Army and built by the IAU in Jinja District at a cost of one billion Ugandan shillings or $ 2,65,000. Ugandans of Indian origin made voluntary contributions to establish the War Game Center.

"Our relationship with India has existed for quite a long time. We were colonized together by a little gathering of individuals who originated from Europe, yet when we as a whole woke up, and the little gatherings fled. During that time, we battled together first against the Japanese in Burma. The chivalrous Indians are the ones who halted the westbound extension of Japan at the well known skirmish of Kohima," He said

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