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Top Current Affairs of the day: 27 May 2020. Instantly obtain Latest Current Affairs with all essential info, Be the first to know all the Today Current affairs 27 May 2020 top news, Major Issues, Current News, Important events in National Current News as well as International level with clear explanation. For all competitive exams and Interviews, equip yourself with the Latest Current Affairs 27 May 2020 granted here.
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Q.1 When is World Thyroid Day celebrated?
(विश्व थायराइड दिवस कब मनाया जाता है?)
a. 24 May
b. 25 May
c. 26 May
d. 27 May

Q.2 Who has inaugurated the IDR Center?
(IDR सेंटर का उद्घाटन किसने किया है?)
a. Ramesh Pokhriyal
b. Abhas Jha
c. AK Sikari
d. None of these

Q.3 Who chaired the e-conclave of SIDM, MSMEs?
(SIDM, MSMEs के ई-कॉन्क्लेव की अध्यक्षता किसने की?)
a. Amit Shah
b. Nirmla Sitaraman
c. Rajnath Singh
d. Narendra Modi

Q.4 Who has "Zaggle" partnered with to find new payment solutions for SMEs?
("Zaggle" ने एसएमई के लिए नए भुगतान समाधान खोजने के लिए किसक साथ साझेदारी की है?)
a. Google Pay
b. Visa
c. Master card
d. HDFC Bank

Q.5 Recently Mohit Baghel has passed away, who was he related to?
(हाल ही में मोहित बघेल का निधन हुआ है, वो किससे संबंधित थे?)
a. Sports
b. Hollywood
c. Bollywood
d. Singing

Q.6 Who has developed the Brihabelt Navrkshak PPE Kit?
(ब्रीहबेल्ट नवरक्षक पीपीई किट किसने विकसित की है?)
b. Indian Navy
d. Indian Railway

Q.7 India produced how much crude steel in April 2020?
(भारत ने अप्रैल 2020 में कितना कच्चा इस्पात का उत्पादन किया?)
a. 3.13 million tonnes
b. 4.13 million tonnes
c. 2.18 million tonnes
d. 1.58 million tonnes

Q.8 What is the new name of NASA’s WFIRST Hubble Telescope?
(NASA के WFIRST हबल टेलीस्कोप का नया नाम क्या है?)
a. Nancy Grace Roman
b. James E. Webb
c. Thomas O Paine
d. Richard H Truly

Q.9 Which nation has suspended the proposal for the construction of a new international cricket ground?
(किस राष्ट्र ने एक नए अंतर्राष्ट्रीय क्रिकेट मैदान के निर्माण के प्रस्ताव को निलंबित कर दिया है?)
a. India
b. Sri Lanka
c. Australia
d. England

Q.10 Which state has decided to open temples from June 1?
(किस राज्य ने 1 जून से मंदिर खोलने का निर्णय लिया है?)
a. Kerala
b. Andhra Pradesh
c. Uttarakhand
d. Karnataka

Q.11 Two districts of which have extended their lockdown till June 30, 2020?
(किस जिले के दो जिलों ने 30 जून, 2020 तक अपना लॉकडाउन बढ़ाया है?)
a. Uttarakhand
b. Himachal Pradesh 
c. Maharashtra
d. Tamil Nadu

Q.12 Four Indian cosmonauts selected for Gaganyaan training have resumed their training in which country?
(गगनयान प्रशिक्षण के लिए चयनित चार भारतीय महानगरों ने किस देश में अपना प्रशिक्षण फिर से शुरू किया है?)
a. Germany
b. Japan
c. Russia 
d. US

World Thyroid Day means World Thyroid Day is celebrated globally on 25 May every year. The main purpose of celebrating World Thyroid Day Day is to spread awareness about thyroid and to know about prevention and treatment of thyroid diseases.

(2) AK Sikri
Former Supreme Court Judge Justice AK Sikri inaugurated the Indian Dispute Resolution Center-IDRC in New Delhi. It has been raised by the Center to provide a completely paperless dispute resolution environment. Apart from this, the center will also provide offline facility in the form of e-alternative dispute resolution (ADR) through its e-arbitration, e-mediation and e-reconciliation software portal.

(3) Rajnath Singh
Defence Minister Rajnath Singh presided over the e-conclave of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME). The e-conclave's virtual conference of MSMEs was organized jointly by the Department of Defense Production, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and the Organization of Indian Defense Manufacturers (SIDM).

(4) Visa
Fintech startup Zaggle has banded together with driving "Visa" in installment innovation to dispatch new installment answers for little and medium ventures (SMEs) and new businesses. The two organizations will move in the direction of expanding the profitability and productivity of SMEs and new companies. These will robotize the procedures and lessen costs just as spotlight on simpler and quicker credit. Tej Credit will be made accessible through a particular card with remote cash paid ahead of time alongside credit

(5) Bollywood
Bollywood actor Mohit Baghel died due to cancer. He started his career with the comedy show "Chhote Mian". He is best known for playing the role of Amar Chaudhary in Superstar Salman Khan's "Ready". Also, he has also worked in the film "Jabariya Jodi" starring actors Siddharth Malhotra and Parineeti Chopra. Apart from this, he also acted in twenty one cannon salutes and Gali Gali Chor Hai films.

(6) Indian Navy
The Indian Navy has designed a new PPE kit "Navrakshak" with innovative breathable fabric. This PPE kit will provide health workers working in combat with the COVID-19 epidemic compared to PPE wearing multilevel cover, which treat patients in hot and humid conditions for 12–12 hours.

(7) 3.13 million tons
India's unrefined steel yield declined by 65 percent to 3.13 million tons in April 2020, according to a report discharged by the World Steel Association on May 24, 2020. In examination, the report expressed that India had created 9.02 million tons of steel in April 2019.

(8) Nancy Grace Roman
NASA has renamed its next-generation space telescope- Wide-Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST), after the space agency’s first chief astronomer Nancy Grace Roman. Nancy Grace Roman is considered as the mother of Hubble Space Telescope, which was launched 30 years ago.

(9) Sri Lanka
The Sri Lanka Government has chosen to suspend the proposition for the new universal cricket ground, which should come up close to Colombo. The undertaking welcomed analysis with questions raised on whether it was the correct venture to put resources into the wake of COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting financial emergency.

(10) Karnataka 
The Karnataka state government has decided to open temples in the state from June 1, 2020. It will become the first state to do. The standard operating procedures regarding the same will be issued soon.

(11) Himachal Pradesh
The Himachal Pradesh government as of late permitted locale judges to take the choice on broadening the check in time in their arreas, following which the region officers of Hamirpur and Solan gave a request expanding the time limitation forced in their regions for one more month, till June 30, 2020.

(12) Russia
Four Indian cosmonauts, who have been selected for India’s first manned space mission Gaganyaan, have resumed their training in Russia. The training was put on hold due to the lockdown was announced after the outbreak of COVID-19.

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